Natalie’s Experience of Studying Medicine at Newcastle University

Tell us about you!

Name: Natalie
Degree Programme: Medicine (A101)
Year of Study: 3
Home town: Preston
A Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology & French

Why did you choose to study Medicine at Newcastle University?

The Facilities- Everything I need for my degree can be found within the medical school. We have our own purpose built library with all the core textbooks and other equipment I need to facilitate my learning. There are also 24-hour computer clusters and dedicated clinical skills rooms where I can practice all of my practical skills such as blood taking or eye examinations.

Hospital Associations- Newcastle University is a regional medical with links to hospitals in numerous different trusts and counties. As medical students, we have placements in lots of different hospitals, all with their own strengths and specialities. We make links with clinicians in a large range of fields and have one of the broadest experiences of any medical students in the country.

Clinical Experience: At Newcastle, we start clinical skills and patient encounters right from week one and this has really made a difference. Although the theory is important, having these early patient interactions has allowed me to put the theory in to practice and taught me the importance of people skills in medicine. Having incredible knowledge so no good if you cannot speak to patients or interact with other professionals. We integrate these core skills into our learning right from the start so they become second nature, making our patient interviews much more successful.

What do you like most about studying Medicine at Newcastle University?

The teaching staff at Newcastle have really made my degree. Every module is taught by someone, who is either an expert or has a real passion for the field. Their enthusiasm for the subject is really contagious and makes learning about those subjects so much more enjoyable. We also had a team of dedicated clinical teaching fellows who gave us one on one feedback and support of all aspects our patient interview technique and clinical skills. This has helped me to progress much quicker than I thought possible and really honed those skills that I will need as a doctor in the future.

The people you come in to contact with whilst studying medicine are definitely a highlight. You see the best of people and their willingness to share their story with you is something that amazes me every day. People are so open about talking to medical students and are happy to help your education in any way they can. I am privileged to share in some of the most intimate moments of people’s lives.

What is it like living in Newcastle?

Once you have visited Newcastle you will see why it’s such a popular city. On my first ever visit I was amazed by how friendly everyone was and how lively and vibrant the atmosphere around campus is. The university is based right in the city centre within easy walking distance of a plethora of shops, bars, and restaurants. There are also plenty of nice parks and green spaces perfect for running or even a summer picnic. You are going to be living at your chosen university for at least 3 years so it’s crucial that you pick a place you think you’ll be happy. Newcastle was that place for me and after 5 years, that hasn’t changed.

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