Holmes Lectures: Women in STEM

30 minutes + 50 minutes 
Part 1: Where are the Women in STEM?

This interactive lecture uncovers the history of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the reasons why the world needs more females in these fields. We will look into the past at the forgotten roles women have undertaken in various STEM fields as well as looking into the future at where progress still needs to be made and the roles that you could take on.

Part 2: Where are the Women in STEM?

An opportunity to hear from an inspirational group of women working in various STEM fields. Hear their stories of how they became scientists and engineers.
This video features the following STEM professionals:
  • Chi Onwurah, MP
  • Jenny Olsen, Biomedical Engineer
  • Priscilla Carillo-Barragan, Environmental Scientist
  • Yujiang Wang, Computer Scientist
  • Sara Walker, Physicist
  • Chioma Udeozor, Chemical Engineer
  • Kate Court, Software Engineer
  • Sharon Foster, Biologist 
  • Kate Henderson, Mathematician

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