Imogen’s Experience of Studying Food & Human Nutrition at Newcastle University

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Name: Imogen
Degree Programme: Food & Human Nutrition
Year of Study: 3

Why did you choose to study Food & Human Nutrition at Newcastle University?

I chose to study in Newcastle because of the location but also because of the people living in Newcastle. Newcastle’s locals are known as the ‘Geordies’ and they are some of the kindest and most friendly people you will ever meet. You might be stood at a metro station (Newcastle’s equivalent of the London Underground) and someone will start chatting to you and asking about your day. If you are stuck or have a problem, they will always be on hand to help you and nothing is ever too much for them. It is these little gestures that really make a difference and for me, living such a long way from home (over 300 miles away in Wiltshire), this made the choice to come to Newcastle so much easier.

The reputation of the Medical School in terms of its research and teaching was a great selling point for me when considering whether to study Food and Nutrition at Newcastle University. The University’s Medical School has had an outstanding reputation for many years and so it seemed like a no brainer for me to consider the university and I am very glad that I ended up studying here.

What do you like most about studying Food & Human Nutrition at Newcastle University?

Studying Food and Nutrition has been fantastic and it has been great to study something that I am really interested in. I have always loved food and so it seemed like the obvious

choice to go and study Food and Nutrition at University. I have really enjoyed understanding how individual nutrients and foods can affect metabolism and the body, as well as putting this new found knowledge into practice with lab work. This year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my dissertation. With this, I have been studying the effects of caffeine and carbohydrate delivered through sports gels, on brain activity. This has been really exciting and interesting as I have been able to design my own study, as well as recruit participants and collect data. This is something that I thought that I would never be able to do, let alone have the confidence to do; however, my degree has really prepared me for this and improved my ability work independently.

The teaching staff on the degree are extremely approachable, kind and caring. This made a huge difference for me as I am studying over 300 miles away from my home and family. They become a really useful point of call for you throughout your studies and you also get assigned a personal tutor, who you can go and see if you encounter any problems. My personal tutor, Georg, has been so kind and helpful to me over the last few years and has helped me to get to where I am today, as well as obtaining a place for postgraduate study at Cambridge University. I owe most of my success to him through his dedication and positivity to help me achieve my best and the other staff on this degree programme for providing me with their continued support too

What is it like living in Newcastle?

Studying in Newcastle has been great fun because there is always so much going on in the city and so much to see and do.

The metro is a great way to explore Newcastle and the areas just outside of it, such as the stunning coastline. I love using the metro and going further East out to Tynemouth and Whitley Bay. The cost of metro tickets are really good value and you can buy a day saver ticket which covers all zones for just over £5. This gives you unlimited travel and it is always nice to go out to the coast. I would highly recommend Riley’s Fish Shack at Tynemouth, which has some of the most amazing, delicious food you can get and has won numerous awards. Going to the beach really feels like you are getting out of the city and makes a nice break from studying.

You can go further north too by train or car up to Northumberland which is beautiful. There is always something to do or go and see at weekends with friends such as live music, opera, theatre shows, various cinemas and many restaurants, which all make Newcastle a buzzing, fun and vibrant city to live and study in.

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